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Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ - Romans 1:16




Evangelism is a challenge for most churches. Our world has changed, making our culture more secular, and some of our evangelism methods are not as effective as they once were. Churches still desire growth and members love lost people, but we need a new way to contact

people who may be interested in spiritual matters. House to House/Heart to Heart provides a way to find those people near your place of worship.


HTH is printed each month and can be mailed to your area monthly, bimonthly, or for specific dates. Each issue goes directly to families to introduce your congregation to them and to soften the soil so members can follow up. Each issue is an attractive invitation to your neighbors to visit your Sunday services, special events, and Bible classes. Each issue tells what your congregation offers the community and offers multiple freebies they can request so you can make contact with them.


What does each issue offer the community?


House to House attractively shares a mix of in-depth doctrinal teaching and lighthearted stories with spiritual applications. Each issue gives God’s plan of salvation. HTH lets readers request additional free materials, such as pamphlets, booklets, bookmarks, DVDs, Bible courses, and personal Bible studies. Each issue gives readers a website to visit so they can study in the privacy of their home.


Why is House to House needed right now?


To reach the lost, the church must have sound, effective preaching from the pulpit as well as members who know the Bible, live their faith, and practice evangelism so that the church works together as God designed it. Tools like House to House, TV, internet, and radio are necessary because the world’s population has grown so much. Without such tools, each Christian would have to teach 4,000 people in his/her lifetime to reach the whole world with the gospel!


House to House cannot replace other methods of evangelism, but it is a great way to reach more people more effectively than we otherwise could. It allows targeting those closest to the building and does not require them to be home or tuned in when it arrives. It will wait for them and it has a shelf life—they can save it and read it later or read it slowly and over and over.


What is the history of HTH?


God has done some amazing things with House to House since it began with 1000 copies in 1995.


  • 245 million copies mailed out in 20 years.

  • 3.3 million copies in a single issue (July 2018).

  • 4,000 churches in all 50 states, Washington D.C., and 84 countries have used it.

  • Printed in English, French, and Spanish.

  • 300 free websites currently in use by churches.


A copy of House to House has been featured on the Tonight Show. George W. Bush once quoted from HTH in a speech, and country music star Naomi Judd shared her copy with Colin Powell at a White House dinner. Hundreds (perhaps thousands) of people have been baptized or restored. At least three men converted by House to House now preach full time.


How can the public access the contents of HTH?


Anyone can be added to a mailing list to receive a free copy of each new issue. Reading HTH and then sharing it with a non-Christian is a great way to grow personally and evangelize. To be added to the mailing list call 1-877-338-3397 or email View past issues at Follow HTH on Facebook: and share articles with non-Christian friends.