Mall City church of Christ

Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ - Romans 1:16


Sunday 4.18.21

Sunday Bible Study 10 am

Worship 11 am -- Worship 5 pm



Midweek Bible Study -- Wednesday 6 p.m.


Prayer List

1Thess. 5:17 KJV
Pray without ceasing!

Prayer List







Mike Poe’s wife’s sister stage 4 cancer


Martha Beavers surgery to replace a respiratory valve

Joyce’s mother



Sis Cooks tested positive


Marcia Hulsey rehab


Jim and Terri

Rod and Kim

Johnny and Diane

Angela O’Day



Prayers for the family of Croyal Stinnett. Croyal passed to his reward this week.



Craig Poe


Daryl Hulsey

Daryl's sister cancer


Regina Gunnells

Russ Holden

Jerry Brackney

Nancy McLachlan

Lois Brightwell

Shirley  Tinney

Melanie Tinney

Jeff Wingler

Sara - sister Story’s



Sis Story and Carolyn



Bro. Conley cancer 

Sis. Bodley

Prayers for Cancer patients everywhere

Rod’s Mother

Daloma Poe

Sis Cook’s family

Thanksgiving - Sis Cooks was able to return to worship last week.

Shirley Tinney


Angela O’Day


Sis Cooks

Sis Cooks Mother Sis Cooks Son (Tori)



diagnosed with cancer.

Alex and Nate and Mom


Prayer for Lori Plummer in the Passing of her Dad


Edie Birdwell 

Mike Poe

Jeff Wingler

Rusty Noyes

Prayers regarding the COVID 19 Pandemic

Prayers for our leaders and our nation




Weekly Schedule

Bible Study 10 a.m.

Sun Worship 11 a.m.

Sun Worship 5 pm. 

Wednesday Bible Study 6 p.m.

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