Mall City church  of Christ

Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ - Romans 1:16

                  Prayers and Announcements 3.12.23

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Prayer is a spiritual lifeline that helps us

look with the eye of faith beyond the

physical to the eternal

                          Weekly Schedule


Sun Bible Study 10 a.m.

Sun Worship 11 a.m.   and   5 p.m.

Wednesday Bible Study 6 p.m.



Bible Donations

Confirming the churches

 Bibles for India (October, November, December 2022)

Goal 100 Bibles   ----  @ $3 per Bible


30 Day Bible Challenge 

Old Testament

   Old Testament books you haven't read before



     Join Us!!  Bookmarks are Available.

30 Day Bible Challenge

January 1-30

   (Click Here ------ 30 Day Bible Challenge)

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