Mall City church  of Christ

Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ - Romans 1:16

Mall City Messenger - 11.27.22

Mall City Messenger - 11.20.22

All Scripture - The Greatest Story Ever Told - David Hester

A Better World Begins With Me - David Hester

Mall City Messenger - 11.13.22

For I Am Now Ready - Roger Poe

Calling On The Name of The Lord - Don Blackwell


Mall City Messenger - 11-5-22

Old Life and New Life - Chris Poe

Sunday Session 1  - Al Parr

Sunday Session 2  - Al Parr

Sunday Session 3  - Al Parr

Sunday Session 4  - Al Parr

Mall City Messenger - 10.30.22

  Paul's Message To Timothy - Larry Acuff

  Points From Pentecost - Larry Acuff


Mall City Messenger 10.23.22

Keeping The Unity of The Spirit - Chris Poe 

Al Parr - You Can Understand the Bible

Al Parr - Earnestly Contend

Mall City Messenger -- 10.16.22

Get Understanding  -- Bruce Wager

Laying Up Treasure By Loving The Lord's Church -- Tom Holland

Serving When We Are Tired  -- Tom Holland

Mall City Message Week of 10.9.22



Mall City Message - Week of 9.25.22

The Mystery Revealed - Chris Poe

What Will Happen When Jesus Comes Again -- Kyle Butt

Why Is Jesus Resurrection Special - Eric Lyons

The Fruit of Atheism -- Kyle Butt

Man And The Age of The Earth - Eric Lyons

The Aesthetic Argument For The Existence of God - Jeff Miller




Mall City Message - Week of 9.18.22

God's Requirements  -- Roger Poe


Mall City Message - Week of 9.11.22

The Household of God - Chris Poe


Mall City Message - Week of 9.4.22

Mall City Message - Week of 8.28.22

Operation of God - Col. 3:12 - Chris Poe


Be Kind - Eph 4:32 - Roger Poe


Marriage Is Honorable Among All - Mac Lyon

The Saved Are In The Church - Noel Meredith



Mall City Message - Week of 8.14.22

Be Kind --  Roger Poe

Spiritual Growth Is A Choice  -- Chris Poe

The Power of Preaching  -- Roger Poe

Mall City Message 8.7.22

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Weekly Schedule

Bible Study 10 a.m.

Sun Worship 11 a.m.

Sun Worship 5 pm. (time varies check ahead)


Wednesday - Bible Study  6 p.m.



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