Mall City church  of Christ

Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ - Romans 1:16

Mall City Messages 1.27.24

Where Is Your Heart --  Matthew 6:21 - Roger Poe

He Careth For You  --1 Peter 5:7 -- Roger Poe

Mall City Messenger - January 14, 2024

Mall City Messenger - 12.3.23

The Last Sermon -- Roger Poe

Spiritual Growth Is A Choice -- Chris Poe

Case For The Soul -- Jason Hyde

Mall City Messenger - 11.26.23

The Age of Anxiety - Jim Lloyd

The Truth About: Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage - Don Blackwell

Fear - Don Blackwell

Mall City Manager - 9.17.23

Spiritual Growth Is A Choice - Chris Poe

Eternity - Chris Poe

The Joy Of Being A Christian


Mall City Message - 9.3.23

Being One In Christ -- Roger Paul Poe

Consequences -- Mac Lyon

Mall City Message 8.27.23

As Obedient Children - Chris Poe

The Power of Preaching - Roger Poe

Mall City Message 8.13.23

Meditation on the Bible Chris Poe

No Creed But Christ - Jack Wilkie


I Know I Have A Purpose - Joe Wells

Sermons - church of Christ -- Royal Oak, MI


Mall City Message - 8.6.23

Servant Leaders and Unity -- Roger Poe

Spiritual Growth Is A Choice -- Chris Poe

Mall City Message -- 7.23.23


Peace - Ian Bissell  (click here)

God's Ambassadors - Roger Poe



Mall City Message 7.2.23

Where Are You Going?  ----  Roger Poe

Love Not The World  ---- Roger Poe

Mall City Message 6.18.23

Mall City Message 5.14.23

Mall City Message 5.7.23

Mall City Message 4.23.23

The Bible Canon - Chris Poe

What's On Your Mind? - Roger Poe

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Weekly Schedule

Bible Study 10 a.m.

Sun Worship 11 a.m.

Sun Worship 5 pm. (time varies check ahead)

 Wednesday - Bible Study  6 p.m.



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